Buyer-Supplier Relations

Sussex IM project meeting

Think tanks – when highly skilled and dedicated people meet to discuss how they can IMPROVE YOUR OPPORTUNITIES FOR SUCCESS. Design improvements to minimize cycle, geometry enhancements to optimize downstream part handling, temperature control techniques to improve part stability and performance, mold build strategies to enable expedient preventive maintenance… all the result of supplier involvement and investment.

Plastics Today recently published an insightful article, “OEM bullying of molders and mold makers to reduce costs doesn’t profit anyone” by Clare Goldsberry. Its title was enough to ensure that it caught the attention of a significant audience within the industry supply chain. Certainly everyone who has ever been involved as a supplier to the automotive industry would give this a read. If you haven’t read it – take a few moments and do at

At Sussex IM, we are very fortunate to have key customers that put a premium on the value of their products and the integrity of their brand. That doesn’t mean they overpay. That means they invest their money wisely. They get the value of part design enhancements from the perspective of the toolmaker and the molder. They get the value of a talent pool to ensure timelines are adhered to, options are evaluated, informed decisions are made, calls are returned, validated parts are produced – now and one million shots from now. Continue reading

Society of Plastics Engineers Honors SIM’s Renee Nehls with Award

AMERIMOLD is the annual tradeshow and technical conference sponsored by Gardner Business Media that addresses the business development, best practices and networking interests of the plastic injection mold manufacturing industry.

ROSEMONT, ILLINOIS — During Amerimold 2017, Sussex IM tooling engineer Renee Nehls was honored with winning the SPE Mold Technologies Division’s Designer of the Year Award. On hand are SPE Division board members Glenn Starkey and Cynthia Kustush (Progressive Components), Rich Martin (JMMS), Wayne Hertlein (Letica Corporation), Renee Nehls (SIM), Brenda Clark and Jay Fidorra (HASCO America) and Christina Fuges (MoldMaking Technology Magazine).

Along with the award, the SPE presented Renee a $500 honorarium to make a donation to the trade/technical school or university of her choice. Renee has chosen Waukesha County Technical College as the recipient.

During a mold design review, tooling engineer Renee Nehls and fellow SIM team members meet to discuss optimum design and layout strategies. From left, we have project engineer Jim Naatz, Renee, tooling manager Alan Kastelik and automation engineer Victor Rohrig.

Gardner Business Media (MoldMaking Technology, Modern Machine Shop, Additive Manufacturing and Plastics Technology Magazines) is the company behind Amerimold – the only annual event in the plastics industry that focuses exclusively on the injection mold building side of the business. The event alternates locations every year between Rosemont, Illinois and Novi, Michigan.

SUSSEX IM Celebrates 40th Anniversary

SussexIM, the fast-growing Wisconsin-based plastics solutions provider that “solves problems to satisfy consumer needs,” recently celebrated its 40th anniversary at the company’s newest Waukesha County facility.
According to SussexIM CEO Keith Everson, SussexIM just marked five consecutive years of double-digit growth, which led to the creation of the new building, a 158,000 square-foot advanced manufacturing center that combines custom injection molding, blow molding, assembly, decoration, and fulfillment.
On hand to mark the occasion were three hundred of the company’s extended family, as well as Waukesha County Executive Paul Farrow, the Waukesha County Business Alliance’s Suzanne Kelley and Tim Casey, and U.S. Representative Glen Grothman.
“We are a company, not a ‘plant,’ and there’s a big difference between the two,” SussexIM CEO Keith Everson said. “A company is composed of people who work hard for the mutual advancement of all. And, here, our fast-growing company, which is poised for future growth, is succeeding because of the dedication, work ethic and innovation of our team, which includes men and women from all walks of life.
“Clearly,” Everson said, “the American Dream is alive and well here at SussexIM.”

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SUSSEX IM Adds New Large Format, High Performace Injection Molding Press

Fast, versatile and modular, this state-of-the-art Krauss MX 850-8100 delivers maximum speed AND precision, for shorter cycles – on even the most demanding assignments…


Sussex IM’s new state-of-the-art, large format, Krauss MX 850-8100 injection molding press represents the fast-growing firm’s latest investment in delivering quality solutions for its diverse roster of demanding customers. Fast, versatile and flexible, this injection molding machine delivers maximum speed AND precision, for shorter cycles – on even the most demanding assignments. Shown here are two-color food storage containers with a living hinge feature produced using a retrofit co-injection process.

Sussex IM’s announced acquisition of a state-of-the-art, large format, Krauss MX 850-8100 injection molding press represents the fast-growing firm’s latest investment in delivering quality solutions for its diverse roster of demanding customers.

The MX series is considered an industry reference in the world of big injection molding machines. The fastest machines of their size on the market, MX machines are engineered to deliver sustained performance under demanding conditions. Versatile and modular, the MX series are high-performance machines engineered for fast cycles, minimal mold wear, best melt quality, maximum platen parallelism and very low production costs.

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Expertise in flavored, protective mouth guards helps thousands of kids get in the game, safely…

SussexIM’s Business-to-Consumer division – Sussex Brands – today announced that its MoGo Sport unit donated 60,000 flavored mouth guards to Good Sports Inc., the nationally recognized not-for-profit organization that gets premium sports equipment to school-aged athletes most in need.

According to Robert (“Bobby”) Dodd, President and Chief Marketing Officer of the Wisconsin-based Sussex Brands, the premium M1 MoGo Flavored Mouth Guards – in lemon, mint, orange, fruit punch and bubblegum – encourage athlete usage and, therefore, safer play of school sports.  MoGo Sport is owned by Sussex Brands.

“These are first-quality, innovative mouth guards that kids will want to use,” said Dodd.  “MoGo Sport is proud to partner with Good Sports and help encourage student-athletes participation in healthy and safe competition.”

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