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Using SussexIM’s IML technology select Brands can provide more flexible decoration options. IML’s require in-mold automation along with development of Digital-IMLs that can be used with typical plastic resins. Collaboration between the Brand-Owner, the Brands-Graphic-Development, the Digital-IML-Producer, and SussexIM are required at project initiation.

Digital-IMLs provide Brands great flexibility in decoration changes in a fraction of the time of current high volume decoration methods.

Watermarking Digital-IMLs provides Brands with product connectivity to the Brand via smart-phone APs.


With a simple smart-phone-AP “click”, the end-user can link to the Brand’s product and receive product use directions and recommendations. In addition, the Brand can provide additional incentives and links to on-line shopping


When the AP is used, the end-user can opt-in for personalization and with generally available web data (i.e. location, time of day, etc.) the Brand can connect directly with the end-user. In addition, the Brand can offer links to other personalization APs or insert the discovery SDK into existing APs for Augmented Reality (i.e. digital makeup applications such as Modiface™ or L’Oreal’s MakeUpGenius™).

Product Authentication

The end-user and the Brand owner can validate that the product is “authentic” as the Watermark-IML is part of the product, not the retail packaging. This can also be used by the Brand’s supply chain to track distribution within targeted channels .


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