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Injection Molding

Sussex IM runs over 65 injection molding machines – ranging from 25 to 725 tons and specializes in mid to high-volume production runs. We have experience processing over 100 engineering-grade performance resins. Our manufacturing floor has the latest model molding machines along with some of the very first we ever purchased! We take extraordinarily good care of our equipment which allows us to use the appropriate level of technology to provide our customers with both efficient and cost-effective injection molding services.

Blow Molding

Sussex Injection Molding incorporates blow molding as a discipline to strengthen our full-service, closed-loop manufacturing capability. While we typically do not seek or engage in commodity high-volume blow molding, we do consider both continuous extrusion and accumulator head utilization in conjunction with secondary operations.

Capabilities Include:

  • In-mold features
  • Decoration
  • Assembly
  • Labeling


In-molding labeling and In-mold decorating are an integrated part decorating technique wherein a decorative film, label or pre-form is placed into the mold prior to mold close and injection. The result is a process where the decoration and the plastic substrate merge to create a finished surface. There are also several techniques of decorating downstream from the molding cycle – an effective strategy that can sometimes be a bit more flexible than an in-mold process. Product design and the characteristics of the decorating surface will determine which methods will be considered.

  • Track and Trace Capability
  • Digitally Printed labels to allow for swift decoration change
  • Multiple Finishes Available

Watch The Sussex Solution Episode 4: In-mold Labeling

Multi-Shot Molding

Sussex IM is versed and experienced in the different tooling technologies associated with multi-shot molding. While the upfront engineering, design, tooling and molding equipment costs required for multi-shot molding can be considered a significant investment; these systems can actually save time and money by reducing or eliminating downstream assembly operations and adding consumer-recognized quality enhancements.


Given our experience in the Cosmetics market, we have the ability to decorate on a variety of substrates. We ensure the parts are quality inspected to the utmost detail to meet our customers’ aesthetic and quality standards.

  • Hot Stamp
  • Heat Transfer
  • Pad Printing

Hot Stamp

Pad Print

Heat Transfer

Insert Molding

Be it threaded or metal inserts, electrical contacts, RFID, fabric or injection molded forms, insert molding is a critical manufacturing technique. The ability to eliminate secondary operations, improve product performance, optimize appearance, and ensure product consistency is at the core of our manufacturing capabilities. Our ability to develop and execute insert molded applications provides value and innovation to our partners.

Over Molding

We actively use a variety of techniques and part-design and tool-design styles to attain multi-color or multi-material offerings to our partners. Over molding to achieve ergonomics, appearance, functionality and cost reduction are regularly reviewed and supported from product inception through commercialization.


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