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Sussex IM is a long-standing leader in the injection molding industry with over 4 decades of experience manufacturing and delivering high-volume injection molded parts. With 65 injection molding machines ranging in tonnage from 25 to 725 tons Sussex IM provides injection molding expertise across many industries.

Complimented by in-house engineering, automation, and quality experts our team works together to design, mold, and add value to custom plastic parts. As a reliable injection molding company, Sussex IM strives to provide our customers with a collaborative approach that focuses on cost savings and efficiencies through means of part design and work cells optimized with automation.

Our commitment to injection molding excellence provides our customers with opportunities to integrate cutting-edge technology and dial in tight quality tolerances to increase efficiency and profitability.

Why should I choose Sussex IM as a custom injection molder?

As a proven, custom injection molding company, we believe that our experience, ever-growing list of expertise, and our state-of-the art equipment make us a fit for any customers’ needs. However, what truly makes Sussex IM successful is our quality, reliability, innovation, and, at the heat of it all, our people.

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When it comes to quality, we are our biggest critic. We set our standards high, training our personnel to perform at a level to exceed customers’ expectations.

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At Sussex IM we understand that getting a quality product on time is everything. With an OTIF rate of 99.6%, we deliver on time, in full, the highest quality product that customers expect.

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Our teams have a broad range of experience and utilize those experiences to constantly innovate and find more efficient and cost-effective solutions for our customers.

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Injection Molding Capabilities

ISO Class 8 Cleanroom

Complex Plastic Parts and Assemblies

Insert Molding

Over Molding

Two-shot Molding

In-mold Decoration

Over 100 Engineered Resins

Value-Added Services

Sonic and Hot Plate Welding
Part Handling
Sleeving/Heat Shrinking
4-Axis and 6-Axis Robotics
Small Parts Assembly
Post-Molding, Drilling, Machining
Laser Engraving
Auto Part Install Verification
Custom Insert Molding EOAT/Handling Systems

Injection Molding Machines

25T (1)
50T (1)
85T (3)
120T (11)
135T (1)
170T (7)
220T (2)
230T (5)
300T (9)
340T (4)
400T (10)
500T (8)
600T (1)
725T (1)
Blow Mold (1)

Material Selection for Injection Molding

The Sussex IM team has experience processing over 100 engineering-grade performance resins. Throughout the Design for Manufacturing (DFM) process our team will work closely with you during the material selection process as this step is vital to the functionality and quality of your product.

Although we have experience with hundreds of different resins and mixes, we specialize in several specific materials and have silos dedicated specifically to the storage of some of these thermoplastics:

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Commodity Resins

High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS)

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Specialized Resins


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Silo Resin Storage

We have six silos for storing resin

Sussex IM:
Your Reliable Injection Molder

As a single-source injection molder Sussex IM supports customers through part design, mold design, manufacturability, quality and logistics.

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