Our capabilities with regard to product assembly differentiate Sussex IM from a typical custom injection molder. From personal care devices to agricultural applications to consumer products, our in-house team of automation engineers develops custom solutions based on the requirements and scope of your program. Capabilities include: Mechanical & Electrical Engineering, Tooling & Machining, Panel Wiring, Machine Building, Equipment Assembly, Software Development, PLC programming, Validation (FAT/IQ/OQ/PQ) & Run-Off, Program Management, and Long Term Product Manufacturing. Integrated Quality Assurance methods include: Vision Inspection, Leak Testing, Electrical Testing (Hipot, Resistance, and Continuity), Cosmetic Inspection, Measurement, Component Verification, Color Checking, X-Ray Inspection, and Weight Verification

Despite the advances of robotics and high-speed part handling techniques, manual operations are an important and viable solution in many instances. Highly complicated assembly steps, low annual volumes, multiple iterations of product style & size, initial market entry prior to ramp – sometimes the well trained human hand is the most effective assembly option. Sussex IM technicians and operators are trained and skilled at reliably producing completed and validated product.

Decades of working with customers from a great variety of industries provides Sussex IM with the experience to determine best practices and methods with regard to product assembly and packaging. The intricacies of your components, your annual volumes and your budget – and our mutual collaboration – will determine the automation strategy best suited for your application. Combining automation with manual assist often provides the best scenario with regard to efficiencies and productivity.

Sussex IM engineers evaluate your program based on geometric complexity, annual volumes, life of program, number of components involved in the final assembly, target cycle time and final performance expectations. Automation technologies include: Robotics, Press-Side, Rotary Index, Linear Index, Continuous Motion, Cam Driven, Cylinder Driven, Manually / Auto-Loaded, Jigs & Fixture, Research, Development, and Prototyping.


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