Value-added operations are one of the criteria for distinguishing between shoot and ship molding – where a part is ejected from the mold and essentially goes straight into a box – and engineered molding. One of the most efficient procedures in plastics manufacturing involves integrating downstream operations to the molding cycle. While we have control of the part, through robotics and fixturing, we can effectively reorient, inspect, test, decorate, CNC machine, assemble, and package.

IMD, IML, IMF… not just another group of industry-jargon acronyms – these stand for In Mold Decorating, In Mold Labeling and In Mold Form. In each case, they denote an integrated part decorating technique wherein a decorative film, label or pre-form is placed into the mold prior to mold close and injection. The result is a process where the decoration and the plastic substrate merge to create a finished surface. There are also several techniques of decorating downstream from the molding cycle – an effective strategy that can sometimes be a bit more flexible than an in-mold process. Product design and the characteristics of the decorating surface will determine which methods will be considered.

We really do cover all the bases for our customers in the area of product packaging. From meticulously trayed components oriented to customer specifications, to finished product in pouches / bags / blister packs / four color print containers to plastic injection molded parts in a corrugated cardboard box – the packaging technologies and capabilities of Sussex IM help streamline our customer’s production process and enable expedient time-to-market deliveries.

Beyond the molding of plastic parts, Sussex IM can perform a variety of contract manufacturing services for our customers. Any or all of multiple component assemblies, decorative surfaces, RFID insertion, digital watermarking, ultrasonic & vibratory welding, functional validation and even retail packaging. Our equipment and personnel resources will be deployed to support your sales volumes, project complexity and packaging needs. Our flexible ability to provide both fully automated and manual services is an attribute that our customers highly value.


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