Every injection molding project begins with design. The first wave is what many refer to as industrial design – the creation of a new or revised product based on the attributes that users want. This stage of design takes into consideration the general shape, size, color, and functionality of the product. Prototypes are often made to determine end-user acceptance and product performance in its intended environment. Changes made to the design at this stage are often the result of test market feedback and involve geometry revisions based on the look, feel and performance of the prototype parts.

The next wave is DFM – Design for Manufacturing. Once final product features and characteristics are identified and agreed upon, geometry must now be evaluated for moldability. Sussex IM engineers and designers consider every aspect of the present design – all the usual suspects like wall thickness, tolerance requirements, flatness specifications, undercuts, draft, sink, shrink, parting line, gating, venting, cooling, ejection… all the things that the OEM / brand owner’s marketing department doesn’t want to talk about. But we love to talk and think about these details – because they are critical to the long-term success of the product.

Sussex IM design engineers evaluate your part and product design to understand key performance and aesthetic appearances. The characteristics of your resin are considered, your projected annual volumes, the required tolerances, the upstream & downstream events required to incorporate your desired features… we take both a 30,000 foot and a microscopic view to define and completely understand the scope of the project.

Molding success – in particular, long term molding success – starts with the steel. The injection mold is the foundation of a robust injection molding process. Best practices employed during this phase ensure timely product delivery of qualified quality products. Sussex IM provides customers a combination of molding experience and a team of dedicated tooling professionals to define and manage the build of one of your primary manufacturing assets – your injection mold.

Beginning with the mold functional sample – where we test the basics (injection, ejection, cooling system, hot runner…) – to complete process development, Sussex IM engineers and technicians bring your injection mold to production-ready status. Based on your project needs, a complete manufacturing cell can be developed, where every piece of equipment and the entire layout of the workflow are optimized for the molding of your product along with all related value-added operations.


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