A turnkey manufacturing cell is simply a systematic approach to choosing and staging the necessary primary and ancillary equipment required for your product. The injection mold, the injection molding machine, robotics, end-of-arm tooling, part handling fixtures and value-added operations (decorating, assembly, validation) are integrated to maintain efficient and effective control of the part. The result is a closed-loop system with aggressive cycle and the highest quality output.

The use of an Application-Focused or application-specific turnkey manufacturing system ensures ultimate process repeatability and control. For projects with high yearly volumes and involved value-added operations, a dedicated production environment designed and built by Sussex IM means optimized part and product manufacturing. Our engineers interrogate product design features and performance requirements and take an experienced and studied approach to every phase of the process. Injection mold features, cavitation & layout, end-of-arm tooling fixtures, post-molding operations – each stage is evaluated for optimum productivity and quality control.

The key to long term success is taking a Systems Engineering Approach. Each piece of equipment and its respective process is taken into consideration in an effort to build a production environment dedicated to the individual factors that make up the final product. This requires significant pre-engineering, with an emphasis on evaluating part geometry & tolerances, target engineered resins, injection molding machine characteristics & capabilities and all upstream and downstream value-added operations.

Sussex IM has working relationships with a variety of Equipment Suppliers (injection molding machines, robotics, decorating equipment…) to ensure comprehensive communication throughout project development and seamless integration of manufacturing technologies. The result is a closed-loop cell – not dependent upon current capacities or machine retrofit – that creates validated and qualified product per your requirements.


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