Injection molding is a diverse and wide-ranging manufacturing process. Micro-molding produces tiny parts where dozens can fit comfortably on the face of a dime. Large scale machines (greater than 2000 tons of clamp force, for example) produce automotive instrument panels, tractor hoods, appliance components and waste containers. Sussex IM sits comfortably in-between – our fleet of presses range 25-955 ton and produce components for healthcare, consumer products, agricultural and industrial applications.

Our customers tell us that one of the attributes of Sussex IM they value most is the relationships they have developed with their account management, customer service, production and quality teams. When the scope of the business relationship and production schedule warrants a dedicated and empowered team, we select the individuals to suit the customer’s application. Part design & size, projected volumes, materials, quality standards, compliance needs, value-added operations, packaging requirements – these variables and others make each project unique. Consistency, communication and collaboration are the keys to success.

Capacity means much more than number of injection molding machines and square footage of the manufacturing facility. Capacity really is the measure of the ability to complete work per instructions and target standards according to schedule without straining resources or risking timely delivery. That translates to enough equipment – both primary and ancillary, enough floor space to safely encompass the production environment and enough trained and qualified technicians and operators to do the job effectively.

If you’ve read this far, chances are you are not seeking a shoot & ship molder. Sussex IM is a value-added engineering-driven molder. We work with our customers to deliver the highest possible quality at the lowest possible price – but we do so through innovation, not cost-cutting shortcuts or lowest-cost & quality tooling. A well designed and properly built manufacturing system will provide the required quality at sharpest price through an optimized and robust process. Do you typically send out a dozen RFQs to get the lowest price through reverse auctions and supplier margin erosion? Best wishes to you. Do you treat your suppliers like partners and work together for mutual long term success? 262-246-8022 or – We look forward to learning about your project and working with you toward a mutual win.


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