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Let Sussex IM Mold Your Future

With over four decades of experience, Sussex IM is a proven, long-standing leader in mid to high-volume custom injection molding. Sussex provides value to our customers through Design-for-Manufacturing and ISO certified capabilities for production molding with integrated value-added operations. Driven to hit our customers’ launch window, our relatable team is dedicated to ensuring your product gets to your end-user.


Expertise Includes: Custom injection molding, multi-shot injection molding, blow molding, insert molding, decorating, assembly and packaging with an earned reputation of supplying creative design solutions.

Injection Molding

Blow Molding

In-Mold Labeling



"Customer relations, being resourceful in finding
solutions. Trusting, honorable relationship."
– Dedicated customer since 2015, Medical
"They're one of the leaders in injection molding. They're local.
They're large, but not too large. They're approachable with
emphasis on quality and expertise."
– Dedicated customer since 2012, Home & Garden
"Supportive. Technology-wise, they understand. They understand their core
business and know which core business to stick to. We lean on them to be the
experts. I measure a company how well they handle challenges. The character
for Sussex is outstanding and I couldn't ask for a better response time.
A rare thing, but when a mistake is made its treated as the most vital thing on
the planet to them and they avoid it happening a second time. The way they
approach the mistake declares character of company."
– Dedicated customer since 2008, Home & Garden


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