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Molding Your Future With Sustainable Manufacturing

At Sussex IM, Inc., our vision is to “Mold and Fulfill the Future for our Employees and our Customers.” How can we mold and fulfill a future if we do not practice Sustainability and Green Manufacturing in our everyday processes? Sussex IM collaborates with customers holistically to improve efficiencies – in product design, material selection, and manufacturing processes – to build brands, enhance corporate citizenship, and reduce environmental impact. Sustainability encapsulates all aspects of our world. We consider sustainability an ethical and moral obligation that is a companywide commitment across all functions.

Sustainable production enhances supply chain efficiency. It anticipates the expectations of our customers and their end-users. It keeps our solutions competitive far into the future and, therefore, provides marketplace success for us all.

The Sussex IM sustainability approach has many facets. Our centrally-located and fully integrated facilities are designed to keep transportation and production costs down. Our talented workforce diligently crafts the innovative products that reduce our impact on the planet. Our automation designs reduce energy consumption and speed the time to market, and the Sussex IM team invests heavily in the most energy-efficient alternatives available today.

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This year, Sussex IM was awarded the 2022 Ecovadis Bronze Medal for our commitment to Sustainable Plastic Injection Molding Manufacturing. We take pride in finding sustainable solutions for both our own manufacturing practices and for our customers.

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Sustainability Key Performance Indicators

Below are several examples of sustainability processes that have been executed at Sussex IM to ensure a sustainable supply chain and environmentally friendly options for our customers and partners.

These KPIs are monitored and measured to ensure compliance and promote further expansion of green projects.

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Recycled Resin Utilization

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Energy Efficient

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Mold Design Optimization to Eliminate Waste

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Sustainable Product Innovations

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Energy-Efficient Molding Machines and Equipment

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Our holistic approach to sustainability enables our customers to benefit from their business success, improved environmental impact, and enhanced corporate citizenship. One of the most ubiquitous commodities is packaging in the plastics industry. Here at Sussex IM, we are always finding new solutions to assist our suppliers, OEM customers, and brand owners in their push to a sustainable future. We commit to continuously finding sustainable solutions while being an industry-leading plastic injection molder, working in partnership with our customers to deliver them innovative molded products that exceed their expectations.

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