Multi-Shot Molding

Two-Shot Injection Molding and Multi-Shot Injection Molding

Sussex IM has extensive experience in designing and manufacturing plastic injection molded parts through two-shot and multi-shot injection molding. This method of molding, molded in either one or two injection units with two or more plastic resins, is an efficient and cost-effective option for manufacturing custom plastic parts for a wide range of applications.

While the upfront engineering, design, tooling, and molding equipment costs required for multi-shot molding can be considered a significant investment; these systems save time and money by reducing or eliminating downstream assembly operations while adding consumer-recognized quality enhancements.

Through the process of two-shot and multi-shot plastic injection molding, the sky is the limit. You can get multiple colors, materials, soft touch textures, and many other features all within the same work cell all while reducing time and costs.

Multi-Shot Injection Molding
with Sussex IM

Multi-molding machinery

Benefits of Multi-Shot and Two-Shot Molding

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Aesthetic Benefits

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Production and
Handling Efficiencies

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Elimination of Secondary Operations

Applications for Two-Shot and Multi-Shot Injection Molding

  • Gaskets/Seals
  • Soft-Touch Grips and Components
  • Multi-Color Parts and Assemblies
  • Medical Devices
  • Clear Plastic Lenses and Windows
  • Encapsulated Microchips

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The Sussex Solution:
Two-Shot Molding

On this episode of The Sussex Solution we are sharing various two-shot applications utilized by our team to manufacture complex plastic parts. Two-shot or multi-shot molding is the process of bonding two materials together and can be performed in one or two injection molding machines.

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Our Tooling Manager, Alan Kastelic, joins us to share the advantages and complexities of multi-shot molding and the types of products we manufacture here at Sussex IM.