Transfer Tooling

Whether you’re looking to consolidate your supply chain, bring your plastic injection molding back to the United States, or want a new partner for molding custom plastic parts, at Sussex IM, we pride ourselves on providing seamless tool transfer services.

From assisting with a single tool transfer to multiple tools ranging in cavitation, press size, and complexity, our teams ensure there are no interruptions to supply.  With our experienced manufacturing, tooling, and technical teams, we inspect and maintain all incoming tooling to optimize for peak performance.

Depending on the complexity of the project, availability of raw materials, and part approval/qualification speed, we can typically get your project up and running within weeks from receipt of tool and purchase order.

Not only in need of plastic injection molding? Bring your supply chain under one roof at Sussex IM.  We will take care of your post-molding, decorating, packaging, and fulfillment needs right here in the Midwest.

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The Sussex Solution:
Toolroom Tour

On this episode of The Sussex Solution we are taking you behind the scenes of our in-house tool room. Our Toolmaker, Justin Green will be walking us through some of the machines we have and ways that our tool room reduces down time and maintains all of the mold we have here at Sussex IM.

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