Serving Customers in
Diverse Markets


Diverse Experience Across Many Industries

With over 40 years of diverse industry experience, Sussex IM is a reliable supplier of injection molded parts. Partnering with customers in a variety of markets gives us valuable insights and experience to apply to new projects. Our first customers represented a diverse range of applications – from chemicals pump housings to cosmetic compacts – and they are still with us today.

Over our tenure we have mastered value-add applications to provide customers a single-source solution. We have customers in the healthcare, consumer products, industrial, agriscience and medical markets. .

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Serving customers in diverse markets

Since our inception in 1977, Sussex IM has been molding plastic parts for the industrial industry, specifically fluid transfer systems. These systems require specific engineered grades of materials, such as modified PVC, PVDF, and fiber-filled resins along with a host of FR/UV stabilized materials that are UL and NSF certified. In addition to fluid transfer systems, Sussex IM has vast experience in molding and decorating wall-mounted hygiene dispensers, institutional cleaning products and various fasteners.

Dispenser in a hallway

Residential Durables

Sussex IM is a reliable supplier for many parts and components used in the manufacturing of residential durables.

Medical device examples

Medical / Pharma

In addition to custom injection molding operations, Sussex IM operates a full expansion of capabilities, including an ISO Class 8 clean room to support our ever-growing medical market.

Decorative Mosquito lamps

Agriscience / Garden

For the past 25 years, Sussex IM has been a trusted supplier in urban pest management and agriscience devices and equipment.

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Consumer Products

At Sussex IM we work hand-in-hand with customers to design successful consumer products.