Complete Control with In-House Automation

Supported by our in-house capabilities and expertise in post-molding, value-added technologies, Sussex IM has complete control over the products we create, with no need to outsource any part of the manufacturing and engineering processes.

By designing and building our automation in-house, we have complete control, from what the equipment does to how it operates.  When there is a new system to install, our in-house engineering team has the expertise to go beyond just developing it. Utilizing expertise to monitoring the automation, our team constantly evaluates for possible opportunities for improvement.  We are committed to implement enhancements until the system operates at peak performance.

One of the most considerable advantages of our in-house manufacturing engineering team is speed. When a problem arises, our in-house techs and quickly resolve any manufacturing issues which improves equipment uptime.  There is no need to contact a third party, shut the line down, and wait for repairs. Our team is there, on call, always. 

Using In-Mold Labeling to Benefit Your Brand Visibility

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Advantages of Automation and Robotics

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Production Speeds

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Labor Costs

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Design & Review

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Automation Capabilities

Sonic and hot plate welding

Parts feeding / bowl feeder / flex feeders

Auto conveyer systems

Part handling via pallet systems

Small parts assembly:
snap, weld, glue,
fasten with screws

Hot melt dispensing

Sleeving / heat shrinking product

Auto box erection and filling

Roll-on heat transfer
Vertical hot stamping
Pad printing – single and multi-color

Custom pneumatic pick and places for slower speeds, lower cost

Post molding, drilling and machining of components

Auto degating of parts

Laser engraving of parts

Pressure, flow and burst testing

Auto part install verification

Custom insert molding EOAT / handling systems

RFID ship over-molding / testing of RFID tags