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In-mold labeling and decorating at Sussex IM is made possible with our in-house team of engineers and automation technicians. This expertise makes all the difference in the quality and efficiency of our in-mold labeling and decorating processes. With over 30 years of experience designing, fabricating, maintaining, and improving custom IML work cells, our customers will experience high-quality parts, reduced machine downtime, faster repair times and clear communication.

Sussex IM has knowledge and expertise in a wide range of materials and label substrates utilized by the injection molding industry to achieve various types of products. From high-end customized cosmetics packaging to functional industrial parts, Sussex IM is a reliable source for in-mold labeling and decorating.

Using In-Mold Labeling to Benefit Your Brand

In-Mold Labeling and In-Mold Decoration for Custom Injection Molded Parts

In-mold labeling or In-mold decoration is an integrated decorating technique that bonds the label with the part during the injection molding process. This process eliminates post-production applications that utilize adhesives or print decoration techniques to decorate the part. In-mold decoration utilizes the injection molding pressure and temperature to bond the label with the resin as the part is molded.

One major benefit of IML is the ability to extend the longevity of the label or decoration to match the lifetime of the product. With other decoration techniques the design can wear, peal or scratch when the product is used – not with IML. In-mold labeling can also benefit the manufacturing process by reducing design defects, placement variation, post-production time, and reduce waste.

Advantages of In-Mold Labeling

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High-Quality Labels

Photo-quality, vibrant, full color graphics.

Various textures for product customization.
Soft-touch, gloss, matte, metallic.

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Small batch, variable graphics, or label changes are possible during the same production run.

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Production Efficiency

IML reduces post-production decoration applications which can reduce set-up time, production time, and added raw material procurement.

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 Labels can withstand moisture or extreme heat, they are scratch, peal, and wear-resistant.

Applications for IML and IMD

  • Cosmetics
  • Large parts and components
  • Food and beverage packaging
  • Appliances

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The Sussex Solution:
In-Mold Labeling

On this episode of The Sussex Solution we explore the decoration techniques offered at Sussex IM including pad printing, heat transfer, hot stamping and specifically, in-mold labeling or IML.

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Manufacturing Engineer, Nick Rohrig, joins us to share the advantages and disadvantages of the various decoration options and how our in-house automation team makes IML decoration possible.