Overmolding at Sussex IM

This intricate two-shot, plastic injection molding process combines multiple plastic materials into a single part or product. This application typically involves a more rigid base component overmolded with a thinner, thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) material.

Our team of experienced engineers and technicians can assist in part design, tool design, and high-volume production of overmolded parts.   There are special considerations that will need to be made during the tooling and Design for Manufacturing (DFM) processes to accommodate for overmolding.  In addition to design considerations, the plastic materials that are chosen will also need to be considered to ensure the materials are compatible when molded.  With our experience of processing over 100 engineered resins, our team can assist throughout this process and provide recommendations that best fit your application and its end use.

Overmolding Applications

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Two-tone Aesthetics

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Gaskets and Seals

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Soft-touch Materials

Overmolding Case Study
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Established history of successfully commercializing products in the sporting goods market, Sussex IM Inc. was contacted by Q30 Innovations, LLC, a cutting-edge research and development company that was looking for support in creating a groundbreaking new product to reduce brain injuries. After two years and thousands of hours spent researching, testing, reviewing and advising, Sussex IM and 21 other companies have helped bring to life a wearable product featuring technology to successfully limit TBIs (Traumatic Brain Injury).

Benefits of Overmolding

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Better Product Performance

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Superior Consumer Appeal

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Lower Production Costs

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Repeatable & More Efficient Manufacturing