Quality Standards

Injection Molding Quality Standards

Sussex IM is committed to providing high-quality, injection molded parts to our customers. This commitment is demonstrated through our ISO 9001 and ISO 45001 certifications and dedicated team of quality personnel across all shifts. Detailed work instructions, personnel training, visual standards, and control documents ensure quality requirements are outlined and implemented for every step of the production process.

Along with document control and personnel training, Sussex IM invests in technology to provide additional metrology services to our customers. Recent quality equipment upgrades include a new Hexagon 7-10-7 Global Blue S high-speed scanning CMM. This new CMM allows for accurate measurements and the ability to process GD&T callouts. In addition, the CMM is outfitted with an Eye-D camera and offline programming capabilities.

These new capabilities allow for programming parts from CAD models before physical samples are produced and the ability to program automated routines which help eliminate operator error. Investing in technology and our continuous commitment to training and accountability allows for quality excellence in the accurate and consistent measuring of all parts produced at Sussex IM.

Quality Capabilities Include:

Process Controls

Leak &
Pressure Testing

& Micro-Vu

Force &
Load Testing


Metrology Instruments

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Advanced Injection Molding Quality Technology

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High-speed CMM

Our Hexagon 7-10-7 CMM uses constant contact scanning to measure parts based on a multitude of points compared to a limited number of points like other equipment. This leads to more accurate measuring and also performs more quickly than other equipment available.

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Off-line Programming

Off-line programing allows for programming parts based on CAD models before physical parts are molded. This process saves time and can highlight any potential design issues before molds or parts are manufactured.

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Custom Fabricated Fixtures

Quality engineers collaborate with our in-house tool room to design and fabricate custom fixtures to aid in part testing. These fixtures secure parts to provide a reliable and consistent means for measuring parts.

The Sussex Solution:
Quality and Metrology

Sussex IM, with our dedicated teams and the use of our Hexagon 7 10 7 Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM), have found ways to reduce downtime and speed up your product launch. In this episode hear from Sussex IM Quality Engineer, Josh Eastman, who showcases all the tools in our toolbox to bring efficiency throughout the DFM process.

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Testing and validation of injection molded parts requires a coordinated team effort and the utilization of detailed control plans & metrology methods. One member of that team is Quality Engineer, Josh Eastman, who brings over 26 years of quality and CMM programming experience to Sussex. He is coordinating efforts to increase speed to market time and accuracy by utilizing state-of-the-art technology.