Sussex, November 29, 2023 – In a strategic move that’s set to reshape the food/household storage industry, a creative powerhouse, MLNV, has announced the successful acquisition of the beloved Mr. Lid brand. The deal, which has been in the works for several months, was finalized on July 1, 2023 and marks a significant milestone in the evolution of both companies.

Mr. Lid, known for its innovative and user-friendly food storage solutions, has been a household name for years, transforming the way people store and organize their leftovers and pantry essentials. With its patented attached-lid design, the brand has brought convenience and efficiency to kitchens around the world. Now, under the MLNV brand, Mr. Lid is poised to experience new levels of growth and innovation.

“It was an exciting moment when I had the chance to meet the Sussex IM team that developed the Mr. Lid product.” says Pall who is a Director at MLNV. “The benefit of the product was obvious – containers with attached lids. What was hidden beneath a great product was a team of manufacturing expertise that was located here in the USA that could take this great product and bring it to the World.” The MLNV team believes that Mr. Lid warranted a fun, bold and creative approach when being reintroduced to the market. While they have a loyal following of long-time customers; the brand needed a fresh take on an old problem – losing the lids to your containers.

Megan Tzanoukakis, President of Sussex IM, also expressed enthusiasm for the creative possibilities that lie ahead. “Combining Mr. Lid’s expertise in food storage solutions with our industry-leading resources and manufacturing capabilities opens up exciting avenues for product development and market expansion. Being the exclusive manufacturer of the Mr. Lid product line allows us to maintain the high-quality of the product and for the MLNV team to focus solely on marketing and brand awareness.”

The acquisition is expected to be a seamless transition for customers, with Mr. Lid’s existing product offerings continuing to be available through established retail channels and online platforms. The brand’s loyal customer base can anticipate steadfast customer service, an increase in product marketing and product availability and visibility across multiple platforms.

This acquisition signifies the continued commitment of both companies to providing innovative solutions that enhance everyday living.

About MLNV:

An ambitious and creative team that is dedicated to launching innovative and compelling products/services with engaging and creative marketing.

About Mr. Lid:

Mr. Lid is a pioneering brand in the food storage industry, renowned for its patented attached-lid design that eliminates the need to search for matching lids. The brand’s commitment to practicality, durability, and convenience has made it a staple in households worldwide, transforming the way people organize their kitchens and store food.