When you see products in the store like Maybelline makeup compacts, Nike water bottle tops, or hand sanitizer dispensers, you may not realize those component designs went through a rigorous Design for Manufacturing process before being put on the shelf. Design for Manufacturing, or DFM, is the backbone from the start of an idea to the end result when you can hold it in your hands. Collaboration amongst project engineers, robotics specialists, molding technicians, and suppliers allows DFM to produce the best, most affordable components effectively. There are about 5-15 people on every project Sussex IM manages, ensuring all plastic parts are manufactured accurately and with precision. The DFM process makes sure that the customer receives the best end product possible.

Manufacturing Cost Reduction

When it comes to the DFM process, it all starts at the drawing board when designing a new plastic injection molded component. The main focus is how we can make a customized product more affordable. By analyzing every piece, our teams of designers, engineers, and tooling specialists come together with a combined 195 years of DFM expertise to better determine how they can make the process optimized and more inexpensive.

Usually, during the quoting phase, our team finds the best component designs and revisits them later on in the process to make sure the parts are still optimized for production. This yields time savings, fewer tools and molded components, and less hardware to purchase, creating fewer investments overall. The more complex the parts are, the more expensive the end product tends to be; however, the DFM process determines if there are parts to optimize, which helps the customer save money in the long run.

DFM and Sussex IM

The professionals at Sussex IM work together to make sure that every product made is aligned to customer specifications. Our engineers, tooling specialists, robotics specialists, automation engineers, and sales teams come together to analyze every step of each project to determine the design process, its cycle time duration, and its overall cost. Sussex IM collaborates with the customer to ensure every detail of the part is up to their standards. The Sussex IM facilities, including our Advanced Manufacturing Facility, are capable of creating unique molding solutions.

Why use Sussex IM for your next project?

At Sussex IM, we approach every project with collaboration and a focus on our customers’ objectives. Our motto is “To solve problems to satisfy consumer needs,” and this goal is what keeps us advancing to create the best possible products for our customers. With customer and team collaboration, we strive to manufacture the most high-quality injection molded components. Our customers’ success is our success!

Our two facilities located in Sussex, Wisconsin are equipped with an ISO Class 8 Clean Room, 65+ injection molding machines ranging from 25T to 725T, and a dedicated crew of qualified injection molding specialists. We offer high-quality service and knowledge proven to make your next project excel.

To learn more about how Sussex IM can help by utilizing DFM for your next plastic injection molded project, contact us today.