Increase Speed-to-Market with these
5 Quality Processes

At Sussex IM we focus on providing customers the highest-quality products in the shortest possible time. Quality and metrology tasks are typically performed towards the end of a product launch and can often lead to downstream bottlenecks – but it does not have to be this way. By targeting quality processes during each phase of the product launch, from design for manufacturing to in-line part inspection on the manufacturing floor, we can stay ahead of any downstream bottlenecks and increase speed-to-market timing.

Here are five quality processes that Sussex has incorporated into new product development to increase speed-to-market.

Quality infographic chart

Investing in High-Speed CMM – new CMM technology utilizes constant contact scanning to acquire data at very high speeds and allows for full off-line programming with the use of CAD drawings. This means you can create quality specifications before tooling or parts are available. Operator error is reduced with new specialized EYE-D camera system optimized with auto program recognition.

Scientific Molding – Utilizing technology and internal knowledge to establish process parameters make for robust processes resulting in quality parts from the start. Reduce error during changes in production by utilizing documented process windows that are unique to each part and press.

Electronic Quality Inspection – Data acquired from in-process inspections are completed in our ERP system which allows for real-time data evaluations and faster data-driven decisions.

Quality and Manufacturing Support – Training additional manufacturing quality support personnel allows for 30 plus individuals per shift to assist with quality inspections. These additional support personnel allows for 24-hour quality support coverage.

In-House Support – The ability to support all aspects of part and tool design in-house allows for valuable collaboration between departments and reduced opportunities for quality issues. In-house support teams include gauge & fixture designs, 3D printing and prototyping capabilities, toolroom and fabrication capabilities, and engineering support.

These five quality processes combine to streamline the development, design, manufacturing, and inspection of new parts and increase speed-to-market time for our customers.