Expertise in flavored, protective mouth guards helps thousands of kids get in the game, safely…

SussexIM’s Business-to-Consumer division – Sussex Brands – today announced that its MoGo Sport unit donated 60,000 flavored mouth guards to Good Sports Inc., the nationally recognized not-for-profit organization that gets premium sports equipment to school-aged athletes most in need.

According to Robert (“Bobby”) Dodd, President and Chief Marketing Officer of the Wisconsin-based Sussex Brands, the premium M1 MoGo Flavored Mouth Guards – in lemon, mint, orange, fruit punch and bubblegum – encourage athlete usage and, therefore, safer play of school sports.  MoGo Sport is owned by Sussex Brands.

“These are first-quality, innovative mouth guards that kids will want to use,” said Dodd.  “MoGo Sport is proud to partner with Good Sports and help encourage student-athletes participation in healthy and safe competition.”

Good Sports’ supporters are a who’s who of international power brands, sporting good firms, media conglomerates and professional sports franchises.  By working closely with teams, coaches, athletic directors and community leaders throughout North America, Good Sports is able to focus on each organization’s respective hardships by providing donations aimed at fulfilling their specific equipment and apparel needs.

“Our main objective is to get as many kids off the sidelines and into the game as possible,” said Michael Wright, Community Partnerships Manager, Good Sports Inc.  “Thanks to the generous support of companies such as MoGo Sport, Good Sports is able to provide a diverse range of sporting equipment, footwear and apparel to many different community organizations on a year-round basis.”

As a result, Wright said, recipients have been able to increase the total amount of kids in their program, lower participation fees and develop new programs.

According to Wright, youth sports participation rates have been in a steady decline across the nation over the past decade. Budget cuts to athletic departments and physical education programs in schools throughout the country are increasing as well. As a result, more and more kids are forced to sit on the sidelines each year and the immense benefits that youth sports can provide often go unrealized.

“The fact is, nearly half of all U.S. high schools do not have any type of physical education program, and only six U.S. States require physical education in every grade level from K-12,” Wright said.

According to Dodd, Sussex Brands has substantial experience with the flavored resins that make this product possible.  Sussex Brands’ proprietary technology allows flavor to be embedded into the plastic, not coated or sprayed on, for long-lasting flavor.  For enhanced visual appeal, each mouth guard color reflects its flavor profiles.  In addition, mouth guard flavor is concentrated near the saliva glands for an optimal sensory experience.

In addition to the appeal of the “baked into the cake” flavor profile of the MoGo Sport mouth guards, they deliver a custom fit via boil-and-bite technology, are FDA compliant and BPA-free, with natural flavors and no latex.

“Our mouth guard program is our latest example of how our U.S.-based production know-how ultimately benefits consumers,” said Dodd.  “Our parent company’s mission statement is ‘we solve problems to satisfy consumer needs.’ In this case, we’re delivering a quality protective product to our country’s deserving – and under-funded – youth-athletes.”


Good Sports Inc, based in Quincy, Massachusetts, gives all kids the lifelong benefits of sport and physical activity by providing new equipment, apparel and footwear to those most in need. To date, Good Sports has supported over 3 million kids at nearly 3,000 different community organizations across all 50 states.

Good Sports is one of the top performing U.S. non-profits, according to Charity Navigator, the S&I 100 and the Better Business Bureau Wise Giving Alliance.


SussexIM is a full-service, fully automated supplier that solves problems to satisfy consumer needs.   The company’s capabilities include B-to-B and, now, B-to-C – with the addition of its new Sussex Brands division. Customers benefit from its ability to accelerate time-to-market, thanks to the company’s streamlined decision-making capabilities and shortened supply chains.

SussexIM’s end-to-end suite of services extends from product design to warehousing. Importantly, the company has extensive automation design capabilities and an in-house, dedicated staff of automation engineers.

SussexIM, founded in 1977, recorded annual double-digit growth over the last five years.

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