December 2, 2020

At Sussex IM, CEO Keith Everson frequently uses the term, “Borrowing Brilliance.”

In other words, taking inspiration from proven innovations and applying that knowledge to a new market or process that could benefit from it.

Two-shot molding paired with the insert molding of an RFID tag is a prime example of that concept. In their state-of-the-art advanced manufacturing facility, located in one of their five plants at their headquarter facility, Sussex IM has consistently manufactured millions of two shot caps with embedded RFID components. Utilizing a highly automated 16+16 rotary platen insert mold, the two-shot product design and proprietary manufacturing concept is employed to protect the integrity of the RFID component. Following ejection, the caps are tested inline, laser engraved, and barcoded.

RFID technology is widely used across various markets for inventory management, counterfeit prevention, asset tracking, serialization and other tasks. Sussex IM thrives on innovation and is aiming to take this process from the agricultural industry to the medical industry with their new 3,000 sq. ft. ISO Class 8 Clean Room.

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