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Sussex IM’s
FAQs Answered

As a single-source plastic injection molding company Sussex IM offers expertise in all facets of injection molding.

Providing a team of experts versed in over molding, In-mold labeling/decoration, multi-shot molding, decoration,  and assembly. Sussex is a trusted partner.  Borrowing brilliance across a variety of industries allows our team to offer inventive solutions to even the most challenging prospects.

Devoted to solving problems to satisfy consumer needs, Sussex IM has helped companies mold their future since 1977. While we understand what separates us from traditional injection molding companies, we are here to answer frequently asked questions about us, to highlight what makes us the best choice for your next project.

As a proven, custom injection molding company, we believe that our experience, ever-growing list of expertise and our state-of-the-art equipment make us a fit for any customers’ needs. However, what truly makes Sussex IM successful is our quality, reliability, innovation, and, at the heart of it all, our people.

•  Quality: When it comes to quality, we are our biggest critic. We value quality and processes as the foundation for evaluating the success of our company. We set our standards high, training our personnel to perform at a level to exceed customers’ expectations.

• Reliability: Sussex IM is a dependable partner that will do what we say we are going to do. We understand that getting a quality product on-time is everything. With an OTIF rate of 99.6%, we deliver on time, in full, the highest quality product that customers expect.

• Innovation/Automation: At Sussex IM, each member of our engineering/automation team has an average of 30 years of experience in the injection molding industry. We thrive on innovation and borrowing brilliance from the diverse portfolio of markets that we serve. Our teams have a broad range of experience and utilize those experiences to constantly innovate and find more efficient and cost-effective solutions for our customers.

• The People:  At Sussex IM, is dedicated to being life-long learners, continuously improving. This creates a growing culture where every employee has opportunities to flourish while helping deliver customer satisfaction because working with Sussex IM is a partnership. We have dedicated teams who are assigned to customers based on their skills and feel that we only succeed when our customers succeed.

Serving as a dedicated extension of your team, Sussex IM offers complete Design for Manufacturing services,  allowing us to manage your project from start to finish. This includes everything from Mold Flow Analysis, material selection, and full product design support, all the way down to the automation.

At Sussex IM, our team works with you at every step, offering experience within a variety of disciplines. We also design and build all of our automation in house, allowing for continuous improvement and constant monitoring from our automation team. If an issue is to arise, we have teams available around-the-clock to fix the equipment immediately, eliminating worry about potential production delays.

With over four decades of proven success, our expertise is ever-growing as we continue to improve our ability to deliver solutions, solving problems to satisfy consumer needs. Well-equipped to deliver innovative solutions through a variety of molding processes, Sussex IM has expertise in the following areas:

• Two-shot molding

• In-mold labeling

• In-mold labeling with blow molding

• Mass customization

• Post-molding operations (assembly)

• Transfer molding

• Transfer tooling/turnkey programs

• Material processing – Sussex IM has experience with over 100 different engineering resins

Yes! Sussex IM offers a full suite of third-party logistics services. This includes climate-controlled warehousing, domestic and international shipping, transportation and distribution coordination, fulfillment, shipping via truckload, and pallet quantity, down to the individual carton.

Our goal is to offer our customers peace of mind by providing them with a safety stock, if necessary, to ensure that their supply chain is never disrupted.

Yes, we take pride in our responsibility to be a sustainable company. Sussex IM is committed to protecting the environment and the health and safety of our employees, customers and neighbors.

Over the past 20 years, we have responded to the market and customer’s needs as we believe that economic, environmental and human needs can all be simultaneously achieved. We have made it a priority at Sussex IM to practice sustainability by providing our customers the option of returnable packaging programs, using post-consumer recycled materials, and supporting them in their sustainability efforts.

Here at Sussex IM, we treat the security, safety and redundancy of our IT infrastructure and our customer’s data/intellectual property with the same level of extreme professionalism and importance that we dedicate to the physical safety and health of our employees, partners and customers.

Sussex IM continually commits significant IT expertise and financial resources towards the never-ending task of ensuring our compliance with rigorous NIST 800-171 IT security standards while utilizing a highly sophisticated “Zero Trust Network” strategy.

Our IT infrastructure, including our own and our customer’s proprietary intellectual property, is protected, kept redundant and is encrypted through the utilization of Fortune 500-level IT best practices such as:

The utilization of cutting edge physical and virtual firewalls deployed and monitored at our network’s perimeter, as well as internally, to further protect and isolate critical servers, data, and devices.

The implementation of highly advanced anti-malware and anti-ransomware services and capabilities provided by our trusted and internationally renowned security partners at Crowdstrike.

All critical servers/data, stored both locally and in secure off-site facilities, are encrypted and backed-up hourly to ensure we can quickly recover from any type of IT incident caused by anything from natural disasters to nation-state level criminal attacks.

• Highly detailed and infinitely stored logging of all employee network behavior and interaction with critical IT infrastructures, such as our servers and intellectual property.

Massive quantities of additional layers of security that we must keep private to ensure we stay significantly ahead of our peers.

Sussex IM is committed to continued reinvestment in ourselves to grow our ability to deliver innovative solutions. With a cutting-edge manufacturing floor featuring over 60 injection molding machines – ranging from 25 to 725 tons – our knowledgeable team works as an extension of your team, driven by our dedication to providing the highest quality parts on your deadline. With proven success as a custom injection molder, let us show you the advantage of utilizing our manufacturing expertise.

Ready to discover how we can help mold your future? If you are interested in partnering with Sussex IM, contact us here.