…details of the company’s award-winning innovation, experience and supply chain efficiency — the “secret weapons” of leading cosmetics brands — will be on display at Booth 455…

Sussex IM, the award-winning, one-stop source of design, engineering, lean manufacture and post-molding value-added operations for leading cosmetics brand owners, will showcase its capabilities at Booth 455, MakeUp New York, September 23 – 24.

The company name may be new to some, but Sussex IM is certainly not new to the cosmetics industry. In fact, Sussex IM has more than 600 man-years of industry experience in the industry. The company’s global customer base includes many of the most respected, innovative, and demanding cosmetics power brands, including L’Oreal, Revlon, Mary Kay, Neutrogena, and Elizabeth Arden.

For perspective, it was only last year that Sussex IM announced the purchase of the North American cosmetic compact business from the Albéa Group.  Sussex IM, founded in 1977, has experienced annual double-digit growth since the completion of a management buyout from Rexam’s Plastic Packaging group in 2010. Rexam’s personal care product unit was subsequently sold to Albéa.

Today, Sussex IM enjoys the autonomy to deal directly with cosmetics customers and grow its longstanding relationships with leading personal care companies. These customers benefit from Sussex IM’s ability to accelerate time-to-market, thanks to the company’s accelerated decision-making capabilities and shortened supply chains, according to the company’s President and Founder, Keith Everson.

“With all our operations right here in the U.S., we proudly deliver superior, innovative molding, decoration and assembly solutions for many of the industry’s most demanding and respected cosmetics companies,” Everson said. “We solve problems to satisfy consumer needs. And because we know the cosmetics business cold, our customers benefit from highly competitive delivered cost, 99.5 percent OTIF with Six Sigma quality, and smooth, successful launches.  No wonder our customers consider us their secret weapon for success,” he said.

Importantly, the company’s advanced in-house automation design capabilities and dedicated staff of automation engineers results in accelerated speed-to-market, which in the cosmetics industry is more important today than ever. “Our ability to control the automation process means that product launch dates are met, which helps ensure marketplace success,” Everson said.

One result of the company’s highly efficient production process is the return of manufacturing business from off-shore competitors. “We’re centrally located in the U.S. and far more than just an injection molder making widgets and putting them into boxes,” Everson said. “We are a full-service, fully automated supplier to the innovation-driven cosmetics business.”

Sussex IM’s suite of plastics-related services includes design, engineering, lean-manufacturing, and post-molding value-added operations (including shipping) — D2DC (Design to Distribution Center) — as well as warehousing to support customers’ needs.