SussexIM works in partnership with customers holistically to improve efficiencies – in product design, material selection, and manufacturing processes – to build brands, enhance corporate citizenship, and reduce environmental impact.

This white paper will focus on key areas such as:

SUSTAINABILITY: What do we mean by “sustainability”? How do we at Sussex IM work with customers, in partnership, to solve the toughest problems and create customer solutions?

THE CHALLENGES: What confusion is there about newer materials? What are the legislative issues, such as Prop 65? What are the challenges to OEMs and brand owners? How do consumer perceptions vary by age? By region?

THE OPPORTUNITIES: How can we work together to select the materials, meet legislative challenges, and proactively create advanced plastic solutions?

SUSTAINABILITY REALITY CHECK: What are the hard truths about sustainability and “greenwashing”? What does the future hold? How can we work in partnership to create innovative, environmentally positive plastics solutions that close the supply loop and are in congruence with today’s business imperatives?

Read the complete white paper by downing the PDF below.