The Sussex Solution Episode 8: Two-Shot Molding

On this episode of The Sussex Solution we are sharing various two-shot applications utilized by our team to manufacture complex plastic parts. Two-shot or multi-shot molding is the process of bonding two materials together and can be performed in one or two injection molding machines.

Our Tooling Manager, Alan Kastelic, joins us to share the advantages and complexities of multi-shot molding and the types of products we manufacture here at Sussex IM.

Get to Know Our Two-shot
Molding Expert, Alan Kastelic

Alan Kastelic employee spotlight

What is your title and how long have you worked at Sussex IM?

I am the Tooling Manage have been at Sussex IM, Inc. for 8 years.

What does your job entail?

Responsible for procurement of all new molds required to produce parts per customers specifications. Also responsible for analysis of molds supplied to ensure proper function and performance.


• Interrogation of customer designs for specifying function and quoting of molds.

• Review component design and function with both Project Engineers and customer (if necessary).

• Development of mold design for manufacturing (DFM) with order placement of the mold.

• Mold design review and approval process. Reviews all designs for function and reliability to ensure that they are in compliance with company and industry standards, as well as customer requirements.

• Qualifies mold with internal resources at completion and leads incoming mold reviews with preparation for sampling with cross functional teams.

• Updates or corrects mold until fully in production.

• A resource for improvements to tooling for the life of programs.

Can you tell us how you work with the customer on tooling design and the steps you take?

Customer involvement is unique to each project. If requested, I can review specific mold construction and details as it pertains to the mold or any part issues that are occurring. I can also do a complete mold design review using CAD files with customers.

What do you like most about your job?

I enjoy having the ability to improve a product design or develop a technology that has not been used to resolve complex mold construction issues. I also enjoy watching projects hit the production floor successfully.

What two-shot capabilities set Sussex apart?

In-the-mold transfer of first to second shot is what sets us apart. This can be via the same mold and press or multiple molds in multiple machines. The Nike water bottle is the most impressive as the first shot is being molded and ejected completely unconventional from what is expected.

Favorite part about working at SIM?

The freedom to establish the technology of mold construction on projects with leadership’s confidence in my decisions. The team is very supportive in allowing me to step out of the box.