Precision in Production: Sussex IM’s Expertise in Manufacturing Wall-Mounted Dispensers

As a plastic injection molding expert, Sussex IM is no stranger to the intricate world of precision manufacturing. This expertise extends to the production of high-quality wall-mounted dispensers. Whether it’s for paper towels, soap, sanitizer, or sharps, we understand the need for dispensers of the highest quality. Design for manufacturability (DFM), in-line assembly, SKU management through IQMS, and third-party logistics all play a critical role in ensuring they meet the most stringent standards. Let’s explore the meticulous craftmanship and specialized processes behind the production of these dispensers and what sets them apart from the competition.

The Role of DFM in Manufacturing Wall-Mounted Dispensers

Design for Manufacturability (DFM) is at the heart of our dispenser production strategy. It goes beyond mere functionality and good tooling practices, allowing us to offer customization through secondary decoration processes and in-mold labeling (IML). These customizations empower our partners to set their offerings apart from their competitors in the market.

The DFM process is driven by runner and gating requirements for optimal aesthetics, leading to tool design focused on orientation related to robotic insertion and removal. Material delivery – including gating type and location and material-dependent manifold decisions – is a key consideration to support cycle time optimization and to assist in long-term maintenance of the tooling asset. Also important are the layouts of all subcomponents within the final assembly and how they relate to the overall takt time of the work cell, which represents the required pace or production rate to meet customer demand efficiently. Furthermore, we maintain the flexibility to manipulate cavitation, allowing us to handle forecast surges, reduce component costs for smaller sub-components, and accommodate future SKU developments using common internal components.

All of these considerations are pivotal in our pursuit of producing high-quality wall-mounted dispensers that meet the highest standards of quality and customization. This approach ensures our partners can offer exceptional products that stand out in the market.

In-Line Assembly for Efficiency

Assembly line smilingEfficiency is the name of the game in dispenser production. Our in-line assembly process is all about streamlining and cost control. We employ automation, cobots, inspection cameras, and sensors to stage and verify each assembly step. We have a unique approach that involves analyzing the entire finished product assembly to identify the one or two components that drive the takt time. By focusing our energy and resources on automating and optimizing the production of these critical components, we ensure that any improvements made are realized in every sub-component leading up to that particular gate.

The key to our efficiency strategy lies in identifying the longest cycle time, around which we build our cavitation and staging strategy. As the program evolves, our continuous improvement efforts remain centered on optimizing output, ensuring that every aspect of the production process contributes to the overall efficiency and quality of our wall-mounted dispenser production.

Enhancing Productivity with SKU Management

We utilize SKU management through IQMS to increase production efficiency. Accurate data assures the availability of sub-components and purchased items, eliminating variability downstream. We manage decoration, artwork, and color changes through the Bill of Material cloning process. This provides efficiencies in engineering and job setup while providing our customer with a unique SKU that incorporates necessary quality and manufacturing considerations in adherence to our QMS. Such precision is critical for equipment and resource planning, instilling confidence in a highly automated, multi-tier process and reducing downtime. Our commitment to accuracy in SKU management reflects our dedication to efficient and streamlined manufacturing processes.

Third-Party Logistics for Distribution

Third-party logistics, or 3PL, plays a significant role in the distribution of wall-mounted dispensers. Managing 3PL services internally provides a lot more flex ibility, allowing us to react swiftly to changes in demand and availability and reducing our overall lead time.

By executing the First-In, First-Out (FIFO) approach over many similar SKUs, we can adapt to forecast fluctuations, spikes, and dips in actual releases. This flexibility allows our customers to seize unexpected opportunities and maintain a competitive edge in the market.

Overcoming Challenges in Dispenser Production

Manufacturing wall-mounted dispensers is not without its challenges. For example, some assembly procedures are too intricate to automate cost-effectively. In such cases, we supply custom assembly tools and fixtures to ensure consistency. Establishing a consistent assembly cadence can be difficult, but once in place, it provides uniform product quality. Additionally, highly customized IML can present SKU management challenges, but we’ve developed systems over the years to minimize duplicate manual entry of bill of materials, enhancing efficiency and reducing cell interruption.

How Sussex IM Elevates Wall-Mounted Dispenser Manufacturing

Sussex IM manufactures wall-mounted dispensers that stand out due to several factors:

  • Customization: Our customers’ dispensers offer unparalleled customization options, helping to distinguish the customer’s brand and tie the dispenser to the specific facility.
  • Unique Appearance and Feel: We offer metallics, multicolor, high resolution, holographics, and soft touch.
  • Consistency of Function: We ensure that our customers’ dispensers consistently meet quality standards through in-process inspection and positive verification. QR code graphics and discreet serialization offer the benefit of easy maintenance and refilling once the unit is installed.

A Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Solution

Sussex IM is not just about innovation – we’re also committed to sustainability. We work with our partners to prioritize the use of sustainable materials. One widely adopted approach is using recycled content, reclaiming resin from other products. Another is the use of sustainably filled compounds like wood fiber and eco-polymers to reduce waste.

These sustainable materials may affect physical properties and surface appearance, which we manage with in-mold labeling (IML) for color consistency. We’re also working on minimizing packaging, sourcing sustainably manufactured IML film, and promoting sustainability throughout our processes. Our commitment to eco-friendly practices ensures that innovation and environmental responsibility go hand in hand.


The wall-mounted dispensers Sussex IM manufactures are the result of cutting-edge manufacturing processes and a commitment to delivering excellence in every component we create. With a focus on DFM, in-line assembly, SKU management, and 3PL services, we make sure our customers receive products of the highest quality and customization.

Stay tuned for our next blog, where we’ll take a closer look at the capabilities of customizing our wall-mounted dispensers, including decoration, traceability, embedded coding, RDIF inserts, smart devices, and more.

If you’re ready to explore the possibilities of manufacturing your dispensers or other components with Sussex IM, contact us today!