Elevating Wall-Mounted Dispensers through Customization

At Sussex IM, we’ve honed the art of crafting high-quality wall-mounted dispensers. In our last blog, we discussed how design for manufacturability (DFM), in-line assembly, SKU management through IQMS, and third-party logistics all play a part in ensuring we produce high-quality wall-mounted dispensers for paper towels, soap, sanitizer, and sharps. Now, let’s take a closer look at our customization capabilities that transform these dispensers into not just functional pieces but tailor-made works of excellence. Through processes and technology like in-mold labeling and RFID inserts – plus a strong commitment to client collaboration – we are redefining the possibilities of wall-mounted dispensers.

In-Mold Labeling: A Palette of Possibilities 

In-mold labeling, or IML, offers many advantages when it comes to customizing of wall-mounted dispensers, especially regarding aesthetics, cost-effectiveness, and functionality.

From replicating metallic surfaces and reflective colors to incorporating fine text and multicolor high-resolution graphics, IML helps transform dispensers into visually striking masterpieces. And with the protective nature of the IML surface, the graphics are inherently more scratch- and scuff-resistant than traditional ink-based images, either by hard coating or film layer. Recent developments with film types can also offer a muted or matte surface, which can be just as appealing to the touch as it is visually.

Additionally, IML has emerged as a cost-effective solution for customizing wall-mounted dispensers. The cost associated with IML remains consistent regardless of design variations, offering stability in budgeting for dispenser projects. Digital printing in the IML process eliminates the need for unique print plates or tooling per image, providing flexibility in design changes without incurring additional expenses. Moreover, being an ‘in-mold’ process integrated into the manufacturing cycle, IML eliminates the necessity for a secondary labeling process. This contributes to cost savings and streamlines production by reducing lead time and minimizing labor costs associated with a separate labeling step.

IML provides a versatile platform of functionality that has yet to be fully explored. The possibilities extend beyond commonly used QR code links and include discreet embedded code and sequential serialization. With the needs of the market revolving around permanence and tamper evidence more than ever, IML is a very cost-effective way to achieve confidence in the code or serialization.

RFID Inserts and Smart Devices Integration for Advanced Functionality

Incorporating embedded radio-frequency identification (RFID) inserts into our dispenser designs introduces a discreet yet powerful method of identification and validation. When designed correctly, these inserts enhance the product’s authenticity by providing a means to gather essential data. RFID technology lets users access information such as the manufacturer date, lot codes, and the dispenser’s installation and service history.

Moving beyond RFID, the integration of smart devices has propelled wall-mounted dispensers into a world of advanced functionality, providing the ability to interact with users, facility owners, and field technicians. The capabilities and accessibility offered by smart devices streamline adoption and, in the long term, contribute to cost reduction in activities related to the product. Together, embedded RFID inserts and smart device integration enhance both the performance and user experience of the dispensers we produce.

Navigating Customization Challenges with Client Collaboration

At Sussex IM, we foster a collaborative relationship with our clients, working closely to understand their customization needs and preferences. Our approach involves offering tiered proposals, allowing products to begin with essential functionality or a baseline level of customization. As projects progress and clients achieve success with the initial scope, we leverage our growing experience and industry network to enhance the performance and aesthetics of the current product generation.

Perseverance is the key to overcoming the inevitable obstacles that come with customization. Challenges such as the placement and orientation of graphics, as well as issues related to adhesion, abrasion, and color shifting, require meticulous planning and validation. To overcome these hurdles, we collaborate with our supply experts, conduct thorough troubleshooting, document precise process parameters, establish a defined window of acceptability, and maintain vigilant monitoring. This comprehensive strategy ensures the retention of quality continuity throughout the customization process.

Looking Ahead

The cutting-edge techniques that are used in the manufacturing of wall-mounted dispensers extend to many forms and markets. The transformative power of our customization capabilities knows no bounds, and we eagerly anticipate the next opportunity to partner in bringing these advancements to new applications, further solidifying our commitment to innovation and client success.

If you’re ready to take your application to the next level with customization and manufacturing excellence, contact us today!