Think you know Sussex IM? Think again.

Being a dynamic, cutting-edge company, Sussex IM has built a reputation as a leader in the custom plastic injection molding industry with more than four decades of proven success. Created through delivering trusted quality, keeping up with our reputation has challenged us to always move forward with a mindset for consistent innovation.

As a company, we have pushed forward with expansion plans with a new ISO Class 8 clean room addition, despite the COVID-19 pandemic. As we continue to increase our offerings, we have optimized the ability to help customers with their unique project requirements. Led by CEO Keith Everson, we wanted to keep the same forward momentum as a brand. To keep our company and brand-aligned, we felt it was time to update our visual identity to best reflect our growing and adventurous culture.

“Sussex IM is not your average custom injection molder; we have proven that through our quality and dependability,” said Everson. “Between the new cleanroom coming and our new branding, there is a lot of excitement and growth at Sussex. This logo highlights our efforts to modernize the company to portray the same traits that we embrace.”

The new logo features an intertwined seal that symbolizes the relationship between customers and our team at Sussex, while the color scheme illustrates the company’s continued commitment to sustainability. The “S” that runs through the seal is representative of two types of customers, those looking for growth, as the path has an upward trajectory, and the boomerang customers, as the path is open on both ends to show that there is always a way back to working with us.

“At Sussex IM, we believe that we are far more than the machines that we have in our plant or the parts that we build,” said Everson. “We are a family, and this company wouldn’t be successful without the people behind it. It took an imaginative process to design a logo that embodies this and our commitment to our customers, but I am very pleased with the final result.”

With an updated logo and refreshed website, a new era has officially begun at Sussex IM. Our company has come a long way from our inception in 1977, and we are thrilled about the road ahead of us, which includes closing in on a major milestone, celebrating 50 years in business.

We hope you admire our new look as much as we do! We invite you to join us in celebrating our new branding by letting us know what you think about our updated logo and website. Want to learn more about Sussex IM? Click here.