The Sussex Solution Episode 5: Quality & Metrology

Oftentimes quality and metrology tasks are performed towards the end of a product launch, which can lead to downstream bottlenecks. At Sussex IM, with our dedicated teams and the use of our Hexagon 7 10 7 Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM), we have found ways to reduce downtime and speed up your product launch. In this episode hear from Sussex IM Quality Engineer, Josh Eastman, who showcases all the tools in our toolbox to bring efficiency throughout the DFM process.

Get to know Quality Engineer
Josh Eastman

Josh Eastman employee spotlight

Testing and validation of injection molded parts requires a coordinated team effort and the utilization of detailed control plans & metrology methods. One member of that team is Quality Engineer, Josh Eastman, who brings over 26 years of quality and CMM programming experience to Sussex. He is coordinating efforts to increase speed to market time and accuracy by utilizing state-of-the-art technology. Learn more about the projects Josh is working on and what his responsibilities are here at Sussex IM.

What is your title?

Quality Engineer

How long have you worked at Sussex IM?

I’ve been at Sussex for 5 months.

What does your job entail?

My primary responsibility is to work as a Quality resource for Engineering. I assist the project managers in defining proper specifications for new & existing projects, create Control Plans, Metrology Methods, and other related quality documents to satisfy internal & external customer requirements.

Design of fixturing & gauging for parts we will produce in manufacturing is also my responsibility, along with review of current gauging methods. I also am the primary programming support for our new CMM in QA2 and will be setting up in-process inspection routines for this machine.

What do you like most about your job?

I really enjoy the variety here. Working at Sussex Injection Molding gives me the opportunity to work on a variety of different products which I enjoy. Bringing new ideas to the table to improve specific Quality/Metrology processes is also something I am happy to be able to participate in. I also enjoy the culture & teamwork we have. Everyone truly is there to help you out or pitch in when needed. The opportunity for growth as a company and personally is also exciting.

Are there any specific projects you are working on?

Recently completed QA2 renovation.

Purchased a new CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine). This machine will allow us to program measurement routines from 3D CAD models ahead of time; before parts are available. This will reduce Quality bottlenecks during project launches.

We also will be moving some inspections that are currently being done manually by team leaders or operators to the CMM which will automate the measurements and upload the inspections quickly to IQMS without the need to manually type them in.

IQMS Document Control Revamp with Carrie Stangel.

Favorite part about working at SIM?

The culture. I enjoy coming in each day and working with everyone.